Content Strategy Consulting for Purpose-Driven Brands & Heartfelt Entrepreneurs

Choose a package from the options below, or contact me if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. There’s more than one way to pet a cat, and I’m happy to craft the right services for your needs.


unblock your brand


The live strategy session that will help you ID your primary goals, sticking points, challenges, & vision for your brand + craft actionable strategies for developing more effective messaging. You get:

  • One 2-hour live strategy session during which we’ll:

    • ID your guiding goals & vision for your brand

    • Target your main sticking points & challenges around brand messaging + craft strategies for overcoming those blocks

    • Dial in on the real value you provide for your clients + how to articulate it

    • Explore what is & is not serving your messaging + identify concrete steps for elevating your writing & making your message more effective

    • Affirm your unique voice & talents + ID ways for you to shine even more in your work

  • 1 round of video feedback on your website’s current copy + action steps for moving forward & refining your message

Investment: $495


Refine Your Message


The in-depth live coaching program during which we’ll dive deep into your hangups around branding, power through those blocks, + work together to craft true-to-you website brand messaging that attracts your dream clients & earns you recognition in your field. You get:

  • 4X weekly live calls during which we’ll:

    • Dive deep into your goals & vision for your brand + ID what’s missing in order for your brand to feel like a true expression of you

    • Explore your target audience + develop strategies for getting inside their heads so you can tune out the noise, write to your audience, + craft messaging that truly resonates

    • ID the value you provide your audience & how and when you want them to take action so you can strategically refine every piece of brand messaging, speak to your dream clients’ pain points & desires, + develop better rapport with your target clients

    • Adopt proven strategies for de-cluttering copy + getting to the heart of what your audience really wants

    • ID the right content metrics to use for your copy so you continually improve over time

  • 2 rounds of video feedback on your website’s copy + action steps for moving forward & refining your messaging

  • Templates + tools for crafting compelling copy time after time + reducing the amount of time your brain has to spend creating new material

Investment: $1,295


level up your business


The intensive live coaching + content program that will connect with your innate creativity, craft brand messaging that feels true to you & attracts your dream clients, + develop a cohesive brand across content platforms. You get:

Everything in the Refine Your Message Package, and then double it:

  • 8X weekly live coaching calls to walk you through a brand messaging overhaul from start to finish

  • 4 rounds of video feedback on your website’s copy + action steps

    • Want feedback on your social media profiles? We can add that in here too.

Investment: $2,995